Dark Pink's Eco Friendly Efforts

Becoming A Sustainable Clothing Brand In London

Dark Pink are constantly working on becoming more sustainable and creating eco-friendly processes. Our aim is to create beautiful women’s clothing, while helping the planet stay beautiful too.

Each step of our production process, our brand is fighting against ‘fast fashion’, taking the ethos that it’s about quality, rather than quantity. We want to show the world that it’s possible to have fashionable, sustainable clothing that you want to wear again and again.

Below is a little bit more about our environmental efforts here at Dark Pink. If you have any other questions about our processes or products, our ears are always open. Simply head over to our contact page.

Made To Order

Did you know that each item of women’s clothing we sell is made to order?

That’s right. When you place purchase from Dark Pink, we get to work creating your new favourite dress, top, trousers or bag.

This cuts down the amount of wasted clothing and material we produce. And with the fashion industry producing up to 20% of the nation’s waste, we’re proud to make our products to order, helping reduce the amount of fashion products that end up in landfill.

Only Flown On Passenger Planes

Creating eco-friendly clothing doesn’t stop once our products leave the workshop.

With our mission to become a ‘non fast fashion’ brand, it was important to us that our delivery processes were also as sustainable as possible.

At Dark Pink, every item that is flown overseas arrives on already scheduled passenger flights. This is to avoid creating any extra carbon emissions, reducing our impact on the environment.

Catch passenger flights, not feelings.

Reusable Packaging

Have you seen the reusable bags that arrive with every Dark Pink order?

Not only does this help protect your new Dark Pink clothing in transit, but our iconic pink bags are perfect to reuse again and again. Helping avoid single use plastic, while keeping your new favourite items safe.

Brilliant for storing items of all sizes, some of our favourite ways to use the Dark Pink reusable bags are for storing toiletries, holiday essentials, and even as a pencil case.